Human Technician Versus Machine

July 29, 2014 by  
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Car repairs have a lot of options. Car owners are very reliable to car repair shops and there are even machine who do the basic repair. But who can really repair your car? Will the machine good enough to do the process or it would be better to have a human do the troubleshooting?

In this topic, I will give you the insights about differences between human repaired cars and machine repaired cars. There are jobs on the car that needs to be done by a machine to make it more perfect like wheel aligning. However there are also jobs on the car that needs a human to do it and make it more powerful, like analyzing about a possible leakage on the transmission. And talking about analyzing, it is only human who can initiate that thing, like analyzing why there is a need to replace some parts used for breaks. Periodically the brakes in all automobiles need to be repaired or even replaced.

This is due to either brake shoes and/or brake pads wearing out from use. Every time a person wants to slow down the speed of an automobile, he/she presses on a foot pedal which in turn causes this shoes or pads to squeeze against the metal wheels which cause friction thereby slowing down the automobile until it stop. This causes the material which the brakes are composed of to disintegrate over a period of time and require repair or replacement. No machines can do the explanation about breaks to a car owner like that.

The very main point is that the car owners or a driver must not be totally dependent to a technician or mechanically equipped technologies for any repair. Sensitivity is important so things will never repeat over and over. Other situations would consider sense of obligation for your car. They would say that we have to treat our car like our best friend or best buddy. If we need something, cars also need something. The only difference is they can’t shout their needs so we are oblige to check the parts time to time and have a good maintenance to maintain its ability to run smoothly as we always wanted to.

A mechanical repair needs to be guided accordingly with a closer look so it would yield a result best combined with a fully equipped process. The technician in this case would shoulder the responsibility and most of the time, they are careful as they think that it’s the life of a person in risk if they don’t do the right and complete repair process.

So in order for them to make it sure, they will have it checked and tested with their machines and this would sometimes make their load heavier thus making the car owner pays more. But it’s just a way to ensure right job and complete repair. A car repair performed by a technician and verified by a machine is the best approach usually done by car repair shops.